ThunderEye 27" Low Profile

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The Abrams ThunderEye 27" inch Low Profile LED Light Bar is a 360-degree lighting system with extremely low amperage draw. Using our signature low profile design, it is engineered to provide superior aerodynamics and greater fuel savings than other light bars. One of the thinnest lightbars available today, each light bar contains Generation 5 3 watt LEDs. Contained in a housing only an inch thick, the ThunderEye is barely noticeable until turned on. If you're looking for one of the brightest lightbars available, then you have come to the right place. The Abrams ThunderEye 27" LED Light Bar comes standard with universal stainless steel mounting strap kit for securing light bar to the window's ledge, control box and a 12 foot power cable. Fully encapsulated and fully waterproof, all LED modules and flasher boards are epoxy coated, keeping it safe from all weather conditions. Included are 22 primary warning modules, which are made up of Generation 5 3 watt LEDs. Our Light Bars are designed for those who need high output lights, with the simple function.


Interchangeable/Compatible with: All automobiles and devices equipped with a 10 to 30 Volt DC power source.


Product Features:
56 Generation 5 3 Watt LEDs
Sleek design with clear lens for stealth look 
15 Selectable flash patterns 
Self contained internal flasher 
Last pattern memory recall 
Includes wire harness for easy installation 
Magnet Mounts included for mounting 
Extreme performance in a package almost an inch thck 
Increased vehicle fuel efficiency 
Fully encapsulated, fully weatherproof 
SAE Rated 

LEDs are ROHS compliant, SAEJ845 Class 1, SAEJ578, and California Title 13 Class B certified.


Voltage: 12VDC
Dimensions: Length: 27" x Width: 11.8" x Height 1.8"


5 Year Hassle-Free Warranty - Lifetime Customer Support!

Magnet mounting is not recommended for use on vehicles in motion in speeds in excess of 50 mph,especially in windy and rough terrain areas! Please permanent mount for vehicles in motion at high speeds

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty